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February Update

It's a little early for another monthly update (and I've been trying to get time to update for about a week now, so it was bound to be either early or earlier). February is crawling. It might be because so much crap is going down at work all the time (absences, short-staffed, broken systems, and needing to work late because of it all), or because Ch's father has been at death's door this whole month, or as I stated in an earlier post, a lot of calls and texts are just weighing me down for some reason.

After my last post, you might wonder (if you notice. If your layout lets you notice) why this entry is left unlocked. It's just because I hate having to lock my journal, and I feel like these generalized monthly updates where I tell you what I'm doing in basic list-y terms are something I can keep unlocked. For the occasional Friending Frenzy - I like to be able to see a sampling of what I'll be reading when I add people, and like to give the same courtesy (by the way, if there are any friending frenzies going on, please let me know!).

On with the list.

What I'm Reading
  • Something New, by Lucy Knisley - it's a little difficult to read more than a couple chapters at a time, not because it isn't good, but because it's hard to relate to (and it's a thick book, so it's a little difficult to hold properly while in bed without causing stress to my wrists).

  • Shiver, by Junji Ito - I've long admired Junji Ito's artwork, and finally purchased two of his books. This one is a book of short stories.

  • INFODUMP - I discovered Julian Simpson's blog through Warren Ellis's weekly newsletter where he linked this article: Five ways to instantly improve blah blah your productivity blah - a topic I generally fall for, and just enough sass to keep me hooked. I have since signed up for his newsletter.

  • Asian Efficiency - a blog site I learned about from INFODUMP that gives great advice on getting and keeping organized and using one's time efficiently. Already proven useful as hell over this past week and weekend.

    What I'm Reading Next
  • Uzumaki, by Junji Ito (the other book of his I bought). Added to the list from last month's blog, which sadly hasn't changed.

    What I'm Listening To
  • Ryan Flynn, who I saw while on a date at Boulder a few weeks ago. His music is very Moog-y (being that he used a Moog in his performance) and sort of like, spacey, electric dreams, with a touch of funk. I fell instantly in love with the sound and bought his CD - a home-pressed scratchy thing, but ripped to my iTunes flawlessly. The album I bought is Wild Life, which you can hear on his Bandcamp.

  • It Makes a Sound - I put off listening to this podcast after two episodes, but while catching up on chores on Saturday, decided to binge the rest of the season. It got surprisingly good, and had fun, beautiful music.

  • The Walk - which used to be an exercise app made by the folks who brought you Zombies, Run!, now runs as a podcast, and honestly, it's a lot better. There are no stops in the action and dialog, and you don't have to actively keep an eye on the app's map to play it (that really put a shitter on the exercise part, not to mention it didn't play music between clips).

    What I'm Watching
  • The Magicians - finally caught up!
  • Archer - not caught up
  • Black Mirror - tried last night, kinda over it.

    What I'm Playing
  • Submerged - holy shit, it's beautiful. A simple premise with a lovely and sad story.

    What I'm Doing
  • Trying to get organized. Spent the better part of last week remotely accessing my home computer from work so I could organize all my files, and finally finished Saturday afternoon.

  • Being there for Ch in his grief, as his father finally left us on Monday afternoon.

  • Getting minorly involved in a play - saw R perform in The Royal Family, and donated two items of jewelry to the show - a pair of earrings and a pendant, worn by the lead actress in the 3rd act. I do hope I get those back (might have done well to remind him last night, as I think it was the last performance). I saw it opening night, gave him the jewelry the next day, and then I saw it a second time a week later and she wasn't wearing the pendant (the chain broke just before the scene)! Just my luck.

  • Making music mixes! Just made a mix CD for R, and then made a Valentine's Day mix (love and lament songs) on Spotify, which you can hear here: [link]

  • Making a dent in my lists. This is part of me getting organized. I finally did things I'd been putting off for months. I registered to mychart (doctor-related), I scanned my prison friend's art, I finished (rushed) a copic marker piece, I cleaned the living room (holy crap, did I ever, and it's so nice), caught up on podcasts, and did my taxes (found out my second job didn't withhold federal, so I had to pay a bit - thanks, savings). Trying to set up an IDR with my student loans, but they keep pulling from my 2016 taxes instead of 2017 - might have to wait for them to be fully accepted.

  • Trying MyFitnessPal again - R has been tracking his meals with it, and it's really improved since I last attempted. R has been a good person I can chat with about my diet, and is really supportive of me :)

    What I'm Thinking
  • I don't think the Wellbutrin is good for me. It's been a month and I haven't felt anything. I've refilled my 'script because I've heard from multiple sources that a month isn't long enough to work it into my system. It sucks, because I've just noticed that I'm clumsier, more exhausted, and less focused. Not to mention, not feeling a ramped up metabolism, as listed in the side effects, and thus not losing any weight, except what I'm doing with my standard diet (still keto). I have an appointment with the doctor this week, and I'll discuss it with her then.


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    Feb. 19th, 2018 07:01 pm (UTC)
    Wohooo, the "making a dent in my lists" sounds like you got a shitload of stuff done :O Yay!
    Feb. 23rd, 2018 04:05 pm (UTC)
    Feels great, too! I hope I can keep up the momentum :)
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