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This isn't going to be my standard form updates with things I'm reading, hearing, watching, etc... Just because there's a lot that I had going on this month, and at the same time, nothing, and it's not going to fit all neat and tidy.

The Quick and Not-So Shitty
Due to the Depression Management Experiments, I fucked up a lot of things this month, but also came out the other end okay (I hope). I had my doctor's appointment yesterday, and we discussed the horrors of the Effexor, and landed on the decision to go with Adderall. *CONFETTI TOSS* !!!

I missed the deadline for a big project I've been working on, but hopefully, my old art teacher will let it slide (it's for a school comic anthology). I'm almost done with it and will scoot it off to him with an apology email by tonight. It's the first comic I've done entirely digitally, and I'm really glad I went that way with it, because I've been wanting to do more comic work, and more digital work, and they seem to fit really well together. I want to start a regular comic, and I did set up a tumblr for a place to put anything I make, but I'm still working on naming it (currently, it's called "I forgot why I thought this would be fun").
(edit: comic accepted! View on my FB Like page!)

I gotta remember to set up a mammogram and dermatology appointment. Because the Effexor ramped up my narcolepsy, I slept through a very hard-to-get dermatology appointment. Pretty pissed at myself for that, but I gotta turn it around. Real terrified of the mamm....

I finally have a boxing station set up in my attic! I spent a whole week preparing it for this. Thankfully, I organized and minimized what's up there a couple years ago and didn't have to shuffle around too much stuff. I did however, have to shop-vac the shit out of the place, and in every crevice. That brand new baby shop vac was shot on day one. Twice. Still waiting for it to be nice enough outside to clean the filter. Last summer, we got a new roof, and the fallout was pretty severe up there. I also mopped as much as I could before I had to leave for a dinner date, and I used a method I learned from painting (two buckets of water, one to rinse the filth off, and one to rinse the filth water off, and it really worked well). I also made a big bulletin board with a couple routines mapped out. I finished the station just in time for the weather to turn to such shit that I had my first bout of seasonal depression in a few years. The crap meds didn't help matters. The Happy-Lite helped, but not enough to actually start the routine. Hopefully the new meds will help.

(edit: finally got my first workout this morning!! Started an hour late, but I made it! Woo!)

Gotta remember to take a picture of the setup. I'm pretty proud of it now :)

Diet crap
Because of all the dinner dates and the worst PMS cravings I've had in years, I've decided to fuck off my keto diet and indulge for the rest of the month (edit: I started this post last week at work - continuing this morning at work). Every single food I've ever missed in my entire life from whatever diet I was ever on, I listed to Ch. when he was at the grocery. Oh my god, I want a donut. OH MY GOD, I FORGOT ABOUT ENGLISH MUFFINS. HOLY SHIT PASTA!! I bought a box of popcorn for the first time in 3 years. I'm going to have a grilled cheese sandwich and a peanut butter and fluff sandwich before I go back to my standard way of eating. I gotta find someone who has fluff, because if I buy it for myself with just a couple days left on my fuck-it diet, I'm gonna wanna eat the whole thing before I go back just so I don't waste food... Easter party is gonna be delicious. I can't wait. I'm gonna eat all the peeps. That's right. I'm that far gone off the deep end. Thanks, uterus. (edit: also ate 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in 2 days).

Then had the worst period I've had in years. Caving into those cravings came to a head on the first day, when I had such debilitating cramps, that I was up at 9 on Saturday morning, had about an hour to come to terms with getting my period the day before a big event, then fell into so much pain that I passed out til 4pm. I blame the binge because a lot of junk food here contains soy, and I'm very sensitive to soy and it does negatively affect my period.

Easter dinner date marked the last day of my binge. I am now going back to hardcore keto with intermittent fasting.


Real quick, I want to recap seeing Nightwish with Ch. They were amazing, and I even saw one of my college friends there. Her fiance is a die-hard fan of theirs, and I said, I'll have to get you up front! The front section was guarded, but not heavily - not at the beginning of the night. At one point, I noticed the guard was gone completely, and I remarked about it, and walked right through the entrance into the front of the audience! I looked back and saw that my friends chickened out and got a message from K. that said "I can't believe you did that! Don't turn back! I'll be disappointed in you if you come back from the front! You're pretty much my hero right now!" I spent the whole of the buildup texting Ch. a plan to get everyone up front, because the guards did double up at the entrance at that point, but alas, no one had the guts. I got some great pictures, though! Also got a pick from the guitarist! I felt bad that the K's die-hard bf didn't get up front, so I mailed it to them as a wedding gift.

My favourite theatre company, WallByrd Theater Co is currently running The Taming of the Shrew with a circus theme, and I saw it with R. and Ch. I love that they do this and the past two shows I've attended, I've dressed in "cast-play," as the cast members have called it. I dress for the theme of the show. The director always shows me appreciation for it, and this time, I even got to be involved in the show!

The pre-show had a juggler from the RIT Juggler's Association and he called up a volunteer. I shot my hand up the second I sensed any hesitation from the audience and went up on stage. We juggled (note: I have no juggling skills - I just did what he told me to do, and it just worked out) and he called up another volunteer and we all juggled (I was better ;) ). I had a lot of fun!

At the beginning of Act II, the supporting cast came out in masks and brooms and danced as they swept up the confetti + popcorn mess from the last scene. At one point, one of the actors held a hand out to me and beckoned me to dance and we did, then he handed me the broom and I laughed about it, but danced and swept (really glad I got to do this, because they didn't touch the stage stairs and it bugged me, so I swept the stuff off them). Then another member beckoned Ch. to stand from his seat, step back, sit in the seat behind us, and he sat down next to me in his place for a whole scene! Loved that guy, too.

This is the most clever theatre company I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. They even integrated a replacement performer into the show in a unique way. The original Tranio was supposed to be played by Jess [surname forgotten], but they got into a car accident and was in recovery for a week. Sean [shit, I forgot his last name, but I knew it...], who I knew as the director from a couple of movie projects I performed in, came up on stage with his buddy as another volunteer in the opening pre-show, right after I left the stage. The juggler said he'd be right back, he's gotta grab the chainsaw. The two guys were left on stage alone, just checking out the props and taking selfies with them - one prop was a bottle, and they selfie'd pretending to drink from it, and then they broke the bottle, shattered across the stage by accident. People came up on stage to sweep it up, and the guys high-tailed it out of there, but were stopped by cast members. When the play opened with those two, they were in makeshift last-second costumes, shoddy makeup, and signs hanging around their necks with their character names on them, poorly reading lines from the script, while other cast members held up signs that summarized what they were reading, including a sign that said this is what happens as punishment for those who break the props! They talk with each other between lines ("come on, man, let's just get the hell out of here!") and add commentary to the lines ("pfft, dude, this is ridiculous, I'm not calling you my master!") and when the Minola family comes out with the rest of the cast, they hide off to the side and watch - Bianca and Kate get introduced, and Sean's buddy falls in love and immediately into character, while Sean is trying to get him to snap out of it, saying he can talk to her after the show like a normal person instead of "forsoothing" his love for her in front of everyone in the audience. When the plot calls for them to switch clothes, Sean starts slowly getting into character, to his own surprise, but as the understudy, still carries around the script.
They even found a way to integrate cell phones subtly into the show with these two characters.

And look at me gushing about this show. It's seriously my favourite theatre company. Last time I gushed about the show, my quote went up on their website (not complaining! It's a pretty big honor for me). I've wanted to get involved with them for some time now, but this time around, they worked from a different location (than the one down the street from me) and I couldn't make it to their studio. I did at least drop a friend's name to the director who said she was interested in doing a musical with screaming punk, but she didn't think there were such voices in Rochester - I dropped my friend Will's name and association, saying he's pretty much the face of the Rochester punk scene and has a lot of connections. I hope something comes of it.

Meanwhile, I'll be seeing the performance again on Saturday with R. and will hopefully have another costume :)

Now that I finally finished that damn graphic novel Something New (by Lucy Knisley), I am going to finally break into my list of French books before going back to English books.

I feel really good about this morning's workout, and I really want to keep it up in the mornings - preferably an hour earlier! That's gonna take some getting used to. And of course, diet will go back to normal. I'm really glad I'm over that binge. I felt guilty a couple of times during it, but I feel good looking back. I just feel good right now in general, and I feel good about the future of the fatty.

Putting aside some time to get that comic into motion. I've already started a 2-page about an incident of micro sexual harassment that happened to me last week. I'm really excited to get into digital comics.

It's April, and that means the Wall of Concerts is fast-approaching! I count Nightwish as the official kickoff. This month, it's My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, They Might Be Giants, The Mountain Goats, and Ministry! Then in June or July, Japanese Breakfast is returning to Rochester. Super stoked about that! They were my favourite discovery of last year.

Also listing my Lightning print, because the editor of that book never finished paying me for it, even though I know her company is raking it in right now. So I'm calling it mine for the taking. The book says the copyright covers everything in the book, but since I was never fully paid for the work, I'm keeping that one. Fuck it. Come at me.

Oh, and for the immediate future, getting my website back up! There was a mishap regarding the hosting payment (on Ch's end of things) and our websites got deleted and purged!!! Good thing I [am pretty sure I] backed that shit up! Holy shit.

Phew. That's it, I think!


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