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Busy Work

I'm cracking down on my free time, trying to get as much merch prepared for Fandemicon as I can. As of this week, I've got five new prints, four new zines, and a huge list of things I still need to make and prepare.

On top of that, I decided to keep myself on track by starting a Twitch stream!! I think it'll help keep me going throughout the week (preparing and making sure I have SOMETHING to work on, rather than slug around the house). I even bought a new webcam. I've learned so much about streaming live online. The program I use to stream is called OBS (open broadcast system) and I've figured out how to personalize and design the screen(s), get a chat stream going on it, and video, and have figured out how to stream my iPad onto it (very useful, as I didn't have a well-functioning camera to work on desktop art yet).
I settled on a schedule: Mondays and Thursdays at 5pm. Generally for an hour, but really for however long I decide to go.
Last Monday, I had to keep it down to an hour and get ready to go see Japanese Breakfast at the Bug Jar (I made it a grand total of 40 minutes before their zero-circulation band-room got too hot for me to handle, and I spent the rest of the night on my ipad in the bar area, eating free pizza).
Thursday, I decided that watching me draw details of comic panels while listening to chill tunes was really really boring, so I opted to also stream a brilliant and underrated movie (Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter). I have to prepare for stream tomorrow (got the new camera in the mail on Friday).

I've also had large chunks of many days taken by phone calls to both PayPal (who fucked me hard with my former bank) and my bank. I mean, hours each call. It was exhausting. But one month later (this all started after returning from NYC) and things look like they should be settled at long last by next weekend.

Other busy work includes fitting time to hang out with Sam & Troy, Ron, and figuring out the perfect balance of work and play (to keep from going insane). This week has been particularly hard, because my period has decided it doesn't want to play nice with my narcolepsy and I've been either knocked out or struggling against being knocked out during this extra long period. Fuck you, uterus. Play nice. Meeting up with people is extremely hard for me because most of my friends are active at night when my meds are wearing off for the night, and thus, making me too tired to go out and do much.

On the upside, this weekend was lovely. Friday, I got to see the Hi-Risers (with Trevor Lake on drums), and a new surfer-rock band from Toronto, the Surfrajettes! And the one night of their tour that they'll be in Toronto will be the same night I'll be there! So I am going to see them again! Their drummer is from Rochester. So cool! I invited Ron, who will also coincidentally be in Toronto that night, but he'll be busy with TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). We do wanna meet up to get some Indian food at this place he likes, though :) Pretty stoked.


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