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Finally did my full rounds of updates (shop, site, and facebook, et - cetera), and am ready to post my first booth experience as an artist.

I'm happy to report it was a success! I didn't do as well as I thought I would, but better than I expected, if that makes sense. I was honestly worried they'd forgotten about saying I could booth with them and would be turned away. Stupid shit goes through my head in the moments before a big event. Every time. But I did okay. I made my booth fee back, and doubled it (almost exactly). And I met a couple of cool artists who bought my stuff (and I bought from them, too).

The attendees were teenage nerds with no volume control when they speak with any amount of excitement. That's to be expected with any pop culture convention (though I still forget how annoying that is, jeezus). Loads of smaller kids, too. A nearby booth had a video game setup playing the arcade version of Duck Hunt. Television was pointed right at the side of my booth, causing not only a crowd of kiddies blocking a walkway, but also caused these annoying kids backing right into and behind my booth! Thankfully, I, along with others, convinced the guy to set up in a different direction (and figured out a place completely out of the way, later on). I had one kid point at a picture and ask if it's a devil, cuz it was an angry picture and it creeped him out. Kid? You're beggin' for a backhand. Get outta my booth.

The older kids were great. Aside from some really kickass cosplay (my favourite of which was dressed as 'Dead' Lars from Steven Universe, and I eventually gave them a free Steven Universe print of mine because I loved their costume so much), there were a couple of folks who really appreciated some of my very understated drawings - one, a noted special-guest cosplayer commented on my Gene Wilder marker piece, and another who absolutely gushed upon seeing my A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night print. She eventually came back and bought it, too, along with the 'devil' one. So I'm really glad I can be praised for more than just super pop culture fan art, but more obscure stuff, too (I know Gene Wilder isn't obscure for adults, but for kids, he sure is).

What really surprised me was getting sketch commissions! I've heard tales of artists being asked to draw a sketch on the spot (and have often asked Jeph Jacques to do sketches). The difference is I usually take all day to do a drawing I'm totally satisfied with, so upon these surprise requests, I made sure they knew these would be sketches. They were happy with them, and when they asked the price, I said $2, and got a $3 tip from the second :)

I'm pretty satisfied with my stock, and do not think I overdid it on the variety (I had zines, cards, mini comics, stickers, pins, and prints. And a free bookmark to whoever bought a zine).

It was really nice, overall. Utica is a hole of a city, but there were some cool little gems here and there. After the convention, Charles found an experimental sound and video show. I paid his way in and he went and made new friends and connections, while I slept like a rock in the car. There is a statue of a woman with her arm out and she just looks in disbelief of the state of the city (and I drew her).

I needed that sleep (as depicted in the picture from the last post).


Aug. 28th, 2018 09:40 pm (UTC)
I'm glad it went well! :D
Sep. 2nd, 2018 02:53 am (UTC)
Me too! I was a little worried XD


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